Shop By The Case

Make your money and time go further, by choosing to purchase in bulk. We carry a full range of plastic plates, bowls, cups and cutlery by the case. Need aluminum pans with or without covers our extensive range includes most sizes and shapes, by the case. If foam is your fancy our line includes cases of plates, cups and bowls in a variety of sizes. Environmentally friendly paper plates, cups and bowls, fancy or plain in a variety of hues to suit any occasion are also available in convenient bulk cases. Don't forget napkins for your place settings also available by the case, in a variety of colors and sizes. For the clean up we have aprons, gloves, paper towels and garbage bags in various sizes available in bulk. To store your left over delicacies there is a full range of lidded plastic containers of varying sizes and shapes available by the case.  Avoid a last minute panic erev Shabbos by purchasing a case of Shabbos candles. So the next time you shop think smart, think economical by buy the case.